About us


We are a small startup of enthusiasts (in Kathmandu and London) who want to re-think how Nepali dating and matchmaking could be improved upon. We operate on a modest budget but nevertheless aim to make a meaningful change. 

The old ways of match-making just don't work (e.g. family introductions) as they are very limiting and frustrating for all parties (believe us as we have been there :)). In this hyper globalized world, people are busy and spread across the world and when it comes to finding a life-partner are either too busy or limited by the available platforms. Besides finding connections through friends and family, there are options to use larger platforms such as tinder and shaadi.com. However these platforms, while having lots of users are very generic for mass appeal and do not cater towards a specific Nepali niche. 

We want to do our part to make the process easier and efficient and we are confident we can address the niche which larger platforms cannot satisfy. We are building this community site from the ground up that not only has privacy and security features that you would expect, but also features very specific to address our target user base. These include profile fields such as ethnicities (as Nepal is very diverse), mother tongue and location along with standard features like partner preferences to make finding people easier. 

We are only getting started and will continue to improve and execute on our vision. Our business model (as we have to find a way to pay costs) will be very simple and transparent, with all basic features being totally free but charge a little for those users who are serious about contacting and finding others. 

Any ideas/questions/thoughts, please feel free to contact us through our support page.