Stay Safe

We are working hard to put together this service and our commitment is to help you on your journey to find a like minded partner. We want this to be in a safe and secure environment where we all have to do our part to make this happen. 

how privacy can be protected

privacy is a human right and please do use the privacy settings on your profile. We will not share your phone number with anyone, that's your decision to do when/if you are ready based on your own judgement. You also have full control of what to share on your profile, so please do not overshare. Also it is recommended you use our inbuilt chat so as not to share personal contact info.

Stay safe

  • Communicate within Kurakani platform
    when initially communicating with other member we strongly suggest to do so using our chat functionality. This way you don't share your personal contact (as we don't share your email, phone or detailed info with anyone). This way you can get to know the person and if the person acts unusual, you can block (or report) them. If someone tries to provide you a link and pressure you to use a different chat app, we recommend not to do this and stop all interactions and report the profile.
  • do not share unnecessary details
    Don't share too much personal information on your profile. We will not show your contact details (phone number, email and detailed address) and we encourage you to keep that information private till you are fully comfortable. Please don't share your bank account details, social security info or home address with anyone you have just met. If someone asks for this type of info, we recommend you stop all interaction and block/report the profile. 

  • always meet at public spaces
    if you are meeting for the first time please make sure to use good judgment and also meet at public spaces such as malls or restaurants, atleast for the first few dates. Also please tell a friend beforehand so someone knows where you are. Also make sure to arrange transportation to and from the meeting point and make sure you have your phone on you. 

  • refrain from giving financial help
    don't give any type of financial help to any member who claims they have urgent needs. Please don't ever send money to anyone you met on the platform no matter how nice they act and never give financial info including bank, credit card info as there are always scammers out there, no matter how hard we try to keep them off the platform. Feel free to contact the helpdesk as we are always ready to help!

  • Ask for photos
    Please avoid interacting with users that don't have profile photos (infact we push them down further in the search results). User's can upload multiple photos on the platform and this is something we encourage. We also try to monitor all photo uploads to make sure they are not spam, but ask you to use judgement as well. If a photo looks too good to be true, please do some quick investigations such as doing a reverse image search on google images to make sure they are not fake or used somewhere else on the internet.

  • Don't rush things
    Please go at your own pace. Building a meaningful relationship with someone takes time, so would recommend you don't feel pressured and only use chat initially to understand the person. Be careful with people who share strong feelings right away and show strange behavior such as asking you to keep it a secret from friends and family. Always trust your instincts, if it is too good to be true, be careful, and always report profiles if something seems wrong. 

  • Trust your instincts
    People are complicated and getting to know another person requires some work and definitely a lot of common sense. This is the only way to find your match on any dating service or meeting someone offline. Using good instincts will make it easier to see if the dating should go further or not and the best way to find a good match. 

Let us know if you see anything suspicious

  •  Report profile
    all profile related pages and sections has a report profile link. Please do click on this and we will have a look into it. We really need help from our community to make it a safer community. We also actively monitor profiles and photos to remove suspicious and fraudulent profiles.

  • Contact us
    we are fully committed to your safety, this is by far our top priority. Create a helpdesk ticket with any observations/concerns and we will look into it